Shinkansen Meitengai

Tax-free shop

Merchandise sales 8:30-20:00
Eating and drinking 11:00-22:00

(Some stores/restaurants have different open hours.)

credit card

The following credit cards are accepted.

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All items are sold at a fixed price. Discounts are not available.

Currency exchange is not available on the premises. Please use the nearest bank.

The payment currency is limited to only Japanese Yen.

Handicapped people may be accompanied by a service dog, guide dog or hearing assistance dog on all floors of the building.


Please refrain from smoking except in the designated smoking areas.

pet in a cage

Please keep your pet in a cage when bringing it into the store.

No picture

No picture taking or video recording is allowed without prior permission.

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    Shinkansen Meitengai

    Once arrived at the station, let’s buy some Hiroshima souvenirs at the Shinkansen Meitengai! Eat Hiroshima gourmet and go around for sightseeing! It offers excellent access to Miyajima and to Hiroshima Peace Park as well!

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